After Jesus’ resurrection and just before His ascension into glory, Jesus commanded the believers to gather in a room until further instruction. The promised day came and the Spirit of God filled the 120 believers gathered on the day of Pentecost. And, having given their testimony to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, Simon Peter preached a faithful message from the Word in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. In fact, Peter brought them to the point where they see, for the first time, that they have crucified the Lord of glory Himself — the Lord Jesus.

The church in Jerusalem went on to become a great church. Now I want you to understand that a great church is not built in one service. There is no doubt that Pentecost was an awesome day. 3,000 saved in one worship service. No doubt it was an awesome day. But understand, it takes a great deal more than one sensational, spectacular service to build a great church.

Church historians have estimated that within seven years after the day of Pentecost over 100,000 people, half the population of Jerusalem, had come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus gives certain commands for the church to be a true church. One day does not make a church. It is a great church based on what it does on a daily basis. No church is a great church that is not obeying the commands of the Lord. No church is great that is not winning people to the Lord with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I challenge the church to be a soul-winning church!